Dragons’ Breath & Rainbow Pyramids

“The Watcher” by TopazDragon ~ a vision from my meditation, digitally created using a photo of a clear quartz crystal pyramid and a dragon eye image found online.

Even immediately afterward, I always find it difficult to remember all the details of what happened in my meditations, and of course writing this up a day later makes it even harder, but I’ll try my best to record at least some of the events from a group meditation I attended yesterday in a beautiful, secluded natural bushland setting.

The meditation began with a guided visualization to open all our chakras and then took us on the beginning of a journey.  We then continued our journey in silence, where we followed our own thoughts independently, before eventually being gently called back with more guided visualization to gradually bring us out of the meditation — closing our chakras again — and back into our bodies, fully aware of our earthly bushland surroundings.

Instead of opening only the usual 7 major chakras, this time we also opened the 8th chakra  — the transpersonal point — which is above the crown chakra. This chakra is associated with spiritual connection between individuals, as well as connection to one’s Higher Self.

We were guided to breathe in through our transpersonal point, concentrating on bringing universal light through this shimmering silver point to flow through our other chakras. Synchronicity was at play here as the wind in our earthly surroundings picked up, as if on cue, while we all concentrated on breath and air. The sound of the wind took on an otherworldly quality as it blended with and became part of the meditation. I saw the wind all around us — it seemed to be coming up from the earth. I also met my guide, who was a dragon — I knew that it was “Robin”, a dragon who I’ve seen in previous meditations but who has only recently identified himself to me as being “my” dragon.

I found myself on a precipice overlooking a deep, dark valley shrouded in heavy mist. I felt the immediate urge to surrender myself to the wind and simply lean forward and free-fall. The sensation of the wind rushing upwards against my body as I fell, feeling quite supported on the wind with my arms and legs outstretched, was exhilarating. I felt no fear or apprehension. The words Dragons’ Breath came to mind and I immediately knew that this wind was exactly that — the breath of the dragons blowing upwards from the centre of the Earth. I realised then that I had my dragon wings so I unfurled them and gradually spiralled down through the black void above the mists and eventually came to a grassy meadow below.

I followed a path which led to a small, fast-flowing stream. I put my hand in the water and it became transparent as the stream flowed through it. I allowed the stream to flow through my whole body as I somehow dispersed, becoming one with the water and flowing with the stream. For an instant I was back in my body and aware of an incredibly bright light shining all around the circle where we were sitting in the bush — I could actually see through my eyelids the silhouettes of the people opposite me as they sat in quiet meditation. I knew this was far too bright to be ordinary sunlight and it was also in the wrong direction in relation to the sun for me to be seeing silhouettes of the people in front of me — the sun would need to be behind them, not behind me where it actually was, for that to happen. I was almost going to open my eyes to see if it was ‘real’ but decided against that as it would pull me totally out of the meditation. Instead, I concentrated on getting back to the meadow.

There were beautiful flowers and bright colours in the meadow, and wonderful aromas that could be heard and seen as well as tasted and smelled — a truly synaesthetic experience! I saw many coloured translucent blobs floating around (unlike bubbles they were quite irregularly shaped and were not transparent) including one beautiful bright pink one which had a particularly fresh, fruity smell and the sound of distant chimes. Smaller blobs of different colours and smells had brighter tinkling sounds coming from them and some smelled of bubble gum.

I became aware of a beautiful clear crystal pyramid in front of me. Its smooth, clear sides glistened and sparkled in the sunlight and there was a mist of swirling rainbow colours inside it. Gradually another shape appeared inside — an eye, which changed its form from a ‘human’ eye (like the all-seeing eye used by the Freemasons) to the more stylized Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’, then to a dragon’s eye with an elongated dark brown iris. The dragon eye blinked once then slowly faded from view, leaving only the swirling rainbow mist inside the crystal pyramid.

I felt very relaxed and at peace and didn’t want to leave this beautiful place but reluctantly had to go as we were being called back to close our chakras and be fully aware of being in our bodies again. I felt rather light-headed and ‘floaty’ for a short while after coming back, as did a few other people in the group who were enjoying being in the other place and didn’t really want to return either.

It was very interesting listening to other people’s experiences of the meditation. During the guided section of the meditation many of us had already anticipated what would happen next, and were experiencing it long before the person leading the meditation had instructed us on that part. What was even more amazing were the commonalities we shared in the non-guided part of the meditation, when we were left to drift in our own dreamworlds and ponder upon any thought that might come to us, uninfluenced by anyone else in the group as we sat in silence with only the sounds of the bush around us. The person sitting next to me saw a clear crystal pyramid similar, or maybe the same as mine, containing an eye and rainbow colours! Over half the people in the group saw pyramids in some form and many others saw eyes.  Some of us  shared visions of certain predominant colours, especially the pinks and rainbow colours. Many were also given personal messages by their guides relating to some aspect of their lives while others, like me, were just enjoying the astral scenery. Even the sound of the wind evoked a similar response in people, in that they experienced it as being something ethereal and supernatural rather than a simple local meteorological phenomenon. We were obviously all on the same ‘wavelength’ and tapping into something very similar to each other, which is also a frequent and amusing occurrence in our group meditations. 🙂

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