Introducing Robin …my dragon

During the meditation I felt aware of many dragons standing around the outside of the circle with their wings outstretched to form a shield of protection all around us. It felt very safe. I could also sense that I had my own pair of dragon wings sprouting out of my back — I was a dragon. I saw this as a sign that I had been accepted by the dragons and I felt very honoured. It was quite a weird sensation, being able to feel the wings and getting an impression of being able to stretch them out. I knew I could fly, but I didn’t attempt it tonight. One particular dragon made himself known to me. He told me his name, but I was not to reveal this name to anyone else. He also told me another name to call him, which I could mention to others — “Robin” (as in Robin Hood, the Greenman etc). He is a very large, strong pewter/grey/metallic coloured dragon of Earth — not quite as bright and shiny as polished silver, but much darker and slightly shadowy — rather like some of my dragon figurines, actually — see colour strip below.

He has emerald green eyes — green is also the colour of Earth in the system of correspondences I use. He said he is “my” dragon and I can call on him at any time. I believe I’ve met this dragon before in earlier meditations (once all I saw was his big green eye) but until now he has never revealed his name to me.

Other people doing the meditation also sensed that there were dragons all around the circle. It’s always quite amazing how different people can pick up on the same thing during a group meditation — shows that perhaps these experiences are something far more than just our imagination. :-)

One comment on “Introducing Robin …my dragon

  1. Star Dragon says:

    Amazing, I too have a Dragon, a star Dragon at that. Her name is Andromeda. She lives with me and is part spirit dragon, but it’s nice to know there are other people who have a deep connections with dragons.

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