Dragon’s Eye

DragonEyeDuring a meditation I once saw a large green reptilian eye floating in front of me, watching me — I just knew it was a dragon, although all I could see was the eye, with an emerald green iris that was elongated, and a few  dark silver-grey scales around the outside of the eye — no other part of the creature was visible. While browsing the web for something else entirely unrelated I came across this picture of a dragon’s eye, which looked just like the one I saw in my meditation. I edited the colour on the original drawing (which was a more yellowish colour) so it looks the way I saw it in my meditation.

18 comments on “Dragon’s Eye

  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! I saw the same exact thing and searched for it in google and found your page… how weird is that? Do you have an explanation?


    • TopazDragon says:

      No explanation, other than synchronicity …the dragons obviously want your attention, as they did mine, so I guess showing us a big green eye is as good a way as any to get it. 🙂


  2. Leon says:

    I also saw a reptilian eye during meditation. It was pretty much the same as what the picture shows and also how you described it, except I recall flecks of the scales surrounding it’s eye changing different colours, like that of a chameleon.

    According to the works of David icke, these reptilian or dragon entities exist in “the lower 4th dimension”, and control us via a process called thought transference, yet most people are unaware of this.


  3. maria says:

    i saw 2 dragons and one of them was in a cell in a church and he looked at me with the same eyes floating in pitch darkness but they were golden


  4. Rana says:

    I’ve seen a reptilian eye look at me during meditation. This happened over a year ago. So I’m fascinated to learn that others experienced this too.


  5. Rana says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention this in my other reply. I wonder if It could be a vision of the third eye chakra. Can I post this link to an article that explains what the eye could be? http://www.personal-development-coach.net/third-eye-chakra.html


  6. Samuraiel says:

    My first experience with meditation led me into a vision of an old Indian man sat round a fire, he took a smoke of his pipe, started laughing and passed me the pipe, when I inhaled the smoke a dragon came out of the fire as if it just woke up off the floor, its neck curling up from the base to a erect posture and immediately came back down to stare me right in the eye… Your picture is exactly the image when it was staring at me however the eye was golden… After a few seconds I backed away and opened my eyes (closed my eye? heh) in a little shock as I was not expecting such a vivid experience.

    I have not been meditating since but want to start again, this vision I had has been eating away at me for some time now, I want to know if any ancient cultures speak of these things… But I guess I should just close my eyes and see if I can face the Dragon haha. Honestly though as intimidating as having a huge powerful creature like that in your face is, I did not feel threatened, I was more amazed and baffled with disbelief I had just seen such a thing. I have had experiences with Chi also that I guess freaked me out a lil and caused me to back away.

    And the David Icke believing in reptiles controlling the planet from another dimension thing is a possibility, but don’t take it as the truth. We have part reptilian in our brains, I think in fact this is where the third eye (pineal gland) is located. Maybe Dragons did exist, our ancient ancestors and are trying to communicate through spirits? Maybe this is how they communicated during their time? Their spirit lingering trying to find an open mind willing to listen and face extraordinary things from what we have been bred to believe… I know this is out there and all but after things I have experienced, I’m sure reality is a lot stranger then we are led to believe…

    Thank you for sharing your experience, it is appreciated as I want to try and find out more about these visions of dragons and if any cultures talk about them. Ultimately I guess we should just look deeper inside…

    Samuel ❤


  7. TopazDragon says:

    Oh, and thank you to Leon, Maria and Rana for commenting here also …sorry I never replied after initially approving the comments …my bad.


  8. Leon says:

    “Maybe Dragons did exist, our ancient ancestors and are trying to communicate through spirits?”

    Well, considering the reptilian history of this planet, it could be that dragons were some sort of dinosaur which somehow survived. I mean the wing structure of a pterasaur is similar the way wings are depicted on dragons. And if you look at Paolo Uccello’s paintings of St George and the Dragon, the dragon’s appearance looks somewhat similar to a bipedal dinosaur like the raptor (except with wings).

    And who knows? If it’s true that homo sapiens evolved from primates, then it maybe true that a species of dinosaur evolved into some sort of reptilian humanoid form. Among conspiracy theorists, these beings are said to exist and are known as reptoids, but I don’t know if the eye which i saw was that of a reptoid or a dragon, as this was all I could see.

    And finally, perhaps there is a link between these reptilian eyes and the ‘serpent’ from the book of Genesis?


  9. I’ve seen the Dragon’s Face right before I was trying to go to sleep. I suffer from sleep paralysis so I had been awake between 36-48 hours when I seen this thing. It was holographic with dominant green with a gold/yellow reflection. I guess if I had continued to keep my eyes closed I would’ve seen more, but upon seeing it I instantly opened my eyes. I’ve also seen the eye, under the same sleepless conditions and I’ve also had the succubus dreams.. I take suboxone (opiate) and smoke marijuana and I do agree that this addiction stuff has intensified these events, but the events pre-date the drugs. I didn’t start doing drugs until I was 19-20 years old. I can remember sleep paralysis/shadow man re-occuring nightmares from before I was even in school at age 4-5. They are very vivid and unforgettable no matter what the age is. I’m starting to think that dreams are (I dream EVERY night) an illusion to either obtain some type of energy from us (humans) during a vulnerable state or some type of co-op control or programming. I notice in between the very bad, intense dreams (I call them attacks now…) I get very good dreams almost to either balance out the bad and/or to give us something in exchange for the traumatic events that whatever being has bestowed upon you. How I picked this stuff up? I’ll probably never know. I grew up in a broken house with 2 older siblings whose father died around the time of my birth and my brother on June 30, 1999 took his own life. I used to think my older sister, who embraced whicken, brought that shit on me inadvertantly ny using ouiji boards or other forms of necromancing. I just don’t know but I’m 31 now and i’ll never forget my first and semi-current re-occuring sleep paralysis nightmares, When I tried to go to church to seek some type of anointment the dreams changed, The first succubus was white female with long black hair and I couldn’t get a glimpse of it’s face. The most recent succbus-looking thing was black female with red lengerie and was accompanied by the slow walking tall-grey looking thing with black eyes and a surgical mask. At first I was ok with this dream/sleep attack but something inside told me to rebuke, rebuke, rebuke and I did and I noticed the smile on the female’s face go to a “what the fuck?!” look and I woke up. Maybe if I wasn’t paralyzed and this alien-looking enitity wasn’t robot marching torwards me I wouldn’t have interrupted the process. It had a piece of paper in it’s hands as it marched to me very slow and methodical. When I rebuked it in the name of Jesus Christ I’m not sure if I just took the exit ramp out of dreamland or if I genuinely rebuked a hoard of demons. I just don’t know. All I do know is learning to live with this is tough but if it’s trying to get me to do something crazy to myself or to others it has picked the wrong person…however, I am a musician and have written several songs, some of which in one felt swoop. And I have crashed through 2 power poles without a seat belt and came out with a bruised knee at worst. My conclusion is that there are either multiple powers here at work or it’s all the same, which is confusing. It has helped me and also has hurt me so I have to believe there are multiple powers at work here. Anyone else have any similar experiences? Oh and how are all these people (myself included) having similar mass hallucinations if that’s all it is???

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    • Star Dragon says:

      I don’t know exactly, HOW, but I do think I know WHY.
      I feel like some percent of humans are descendants of dragons, and only a few of them actually seek the Dragons out. Maybe all these people who are seeing dragons, or dragon eyes, are going to make a scientific discovery….. and take over the world (just kidding or am I?)

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    • Star Dragon says:

      I don’t exactly know but I think it’s because Dragons want us to connect with them, and they are beings who want to share knowledge most people are blind too. Maybe they are giving us clues…

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  10. Keesha says:

    Did a third eye meditation a few days ago and saw many things, including a large dragon’s eye. It was a side profile of it with a large eye that blinked. I couldn’t see the whole body nor the whole face but sensed it was that. My eyes were closed and covered to make sure it was pitch black. I also had remote viewing experiences as well.

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  11. Star Dragon says:

    so how do you guys meditate? For me it’s saying a spell and entering the Void or as I call it sometimes ‘the Dragon Realm’.
    Anyway, it’s interesting dragons reach out to people when they want to, before I found my dragon I found myself walking across a line of dragons……

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  12. Star Dragon says:

    Amazing, once I felt very overwhelmed one day like something made me feel like that but it was in the morning I hadn’t even had breakfast. So I got on the internet and started doing Dragon research, then I learned about a way to connect with Dragons. So I write the instructions down, and go along with my day. I do my school, I eat lunch, teach my baby brother, so on and so forth.
    At around 5o’clock-ish I go into my room and begin to meditate (with the the instructions I found).
    So I enter the Dragon Realm – or Void whichever you prefer- and I find myself walking as a human of course in a lush green land that was half day, half night.
    In the middle of it all there was a large castle, I go inside the castle and I see nothing but dragons hustling and scattering all around. There were red dragons, dwarf dragons, etc.
    I keep walking amazed at this point and I come across a throne, with – and you won’t believe it- Tiamat. So I ask her a bunch of questions, like “Where am I?” “Who are you?” and a bunch more.
    So then TIamat tells me where I am, who she is, and why I was there. She brings me outside to a line of Dragons and says “Pick one.”
    Already I’m ready to leave, but I wanted a Dragon, because I’m like that.
    So I walk across the line feeling very strange and dizzy, and I just pick any dragon, but the first thing i saw were her silver eyes.
    Her name was Andromeda and she now lives with me, she suggested I searched up sites like these.
    And then I caught on to a pattern (with my arm) every cycle of the moon, I get these random scratch marks on my arm, and they only go away when I go into the Void.

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  13. Franco says:

    I see too, almost every time I do a black magick meditation specific fo opening the third eye with a black candle. The dragon eye is a good sign, it’s the Prince of Darkness, but you should not care too much about it and just keep on with your meditation.


  14. Corey says:

    I’ve dreamed this it’s hard to find any body to relate to about this that are going on

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