In the beginning…

1tailbrownI’ve felt drawn to dragons from the time I first saw pictures of them or heard stories about them as a child. I always felt sad about the dragons being killed by various “heroes” in different tales …somehow it just never seemed right, or fair to the dragon. But of course, like most kids in our society, I was “programmed” to believe that dragons, magick, psychic perception and the like were the stuff of imagination and fiction, not reality.

It was not until many years later (after I had decided to actively pursue my interest in Witchcraft)  that I got the opportunity do a meditation, in a group situation,  to connect with dragons…

I did a dragon meditation tonight where we were to meet the dragons and they would give all of us our magical names. I got quite a few different names and combinations of names, but there was one in particular that seemed to be more important (which I will not disclose).  Then we did a dragon ritual and two people volunteered for calling the Eastern and Northern quarters, and then someone was chosen for West, and then me for South. During the ritual I could feel dragon energy behind me and almost physically feel a dragon putting its long neck over my shoulder and looking, in a bemused fashion, into the centre of our circle. Afterward another person said she could feel them behind her also. Others saw or felt them in the centre of the circle but also circling around the outside, where the other person and I felt ours. Mine was a big ash-grey coloured dragon with a very scaly neck, and his wings were partially wrapped around me for protection or to shelter me.

The name given to me by the dragons during that meditation turned out to be only temporary. About a year later I repeated the meditation and was given a new name, which I have kept ever since (just over 4 years now). The new name (which I won’t reveal here either) has the same numerology as my birth name, and I feel it suits me much better.

During this meditation I saw an orange/lava coloured eagle fly out of a volcano. The surrounding landscape took on the form of many dragons, slowly changing from lava to rock, then from rock into live dragons of many different colours. The one that was special to me was of a crystalline form with multiple colours changing and shimmering, then transforming to a silvery grey. This  very large and beautiful dragon then told me my new magickal name.

In subsequent meditations the dragons have not given me any more names so I assume they too are happy with my current magickal name.

2 comments on “In the beginning…

  1. Takeshi says:

    Do you perhaps have a guide to this meditation? It sounds interesting. 🙂


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