Awakening the Sacred Dragon

Here is an excerpt from Awakening the Sacred Dragon – Cosmic Trigger part 2. It is allegedly a message from Archangel Metatron, channelled by ‘Tyberonn’ on 13th May 2009. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, but it is rather interesting and some of the information does resonate with ideas and topics I have been reading about, mentally/psychically ‘tapping into’ or had presented to me by fellow coven members over the last few months …siriusly! 😉 So, that is why I have presented it here…

Now, we will say to you that what you term as the Ascended Masters are indeed in growing presence and situated in hologramic ‘Cities of Light’ or retreats above areas of magno-crystalline energies. Many of these locations you are aware of, some you are not. We will also say that those you refer to as Ascended Masters vary more greatly than what you traditionally accepted in your channels and visionary writings. Fully conscious beings, great Masters extend beyond the realm of what some of you may consider as evolved souls of Mastery. Those you term Ashtar Command are part of this benevolent legion.

Masters, what we tell you now may surprise many of you, but the host of Ascended Masters also includes that you may term the sacred angelic Dragon. These benevolent and fully conscious beings exist, and are as much a part of your Earth as humanity. They possess supreme divine intelligence and are extremely advanced. They are protectors of humanity and of the planet, and are awakening into greater role in the Cosmic Trigger. These beings are Masters of what is termed kundalini and as such are involved in engineering aspects of the aptly names dragon lines and ley lines which are in fact arteries of life force on your planet. They are awakened into greater role, and involved in the formation of new energy lines within the electromagnetic surge of the Cosmic Trigger.

Question to Metatron: This is quite surprising in regard to sacred Dragons. Can you expand on this?

Metatron: Indeed. Have not your cultures throughout the ancient world had legends and stories of these beings, even religions in Asia devoted to their worship. These beings are extremely advanced, and fully conscious, and have existed on the Earth since the beginning.  In your experience on Mount Shasta (July 2005) did you not encounter them in the Hall of Ascended Masters with Israel?

Channel: Yes, but I was in a lucid state.

Metatron: Indeed! Do not doubt what you experienced and what you saw. It was quite real. Fully conscious, benevolent Dragons are among the Ascended Masters.

Now, the mythology of your Arthurian stories in regard to fire-breathing dragons as evil beings that capture princesses are indeed myths and the descriptions are distorted and quite obtuse. We tell you this while in ancient days, pre LeMurian, pre Atlantean phases of the earth, there were dragons that entered the Earthplane from Zeta Reticuli that were not benevolent. These were in fact battled and driven from the earth by the sacred benevolent dragon beings that still reside on your planet. Although much fewer in numbers, they have always existed here, and are great protectors of your planet, and work closely within the energies of the planetary kundalini force.

Now, there are also extra terrestrial beings of a reptilian nature that do indeed exist. Just as humans, some are benevolent and some are warlike. There are indeed many other planets and many other systems and galaxies that exist in polarities of what may be termed light and dark, positive and negative. It is part of the polarity electromagnetic basis.  There have been periods in the earth’s unfolding in which reptilian beings have attempted to enter the Earthplane, and not always for benevolent purpose. These are NOT the beings to which we refer.

Even yet the words, dragon, serpent and reptilian cause humans of the western world to shudder in fear and associate them with evil or dismiss them completely as mythological folklore. The metaphors of St George slaying the dragon or variations of this tale are seeded in the Church’s reign to demolish paganism in their crusade to dominate. Yet in many other cultures and religions, especially in Asia, the dragon was revered, and considered a source of wisdom, divinity and ‘good-fortune’.

Question to Metatron: Are these beings devic or elemental in nature?

No. They are indeed physical. There is a devic form of ‘dragonesque’ beings that exist in the elemental kingdom, but these are not the Sacred Fully Conscious Dragons of which we speak. Rather are they elementals that are a conscious form of the electromagnetic realm. The fully conscious divine beings of which we now refer abide both in the inner earth, particularly in volcanic regions and others are drawn to magno-crystalline mountains in high elevations. These beings are not of the elemental electromagnetic kingdom, although they are closely aligned to the earth’s electromagnetic and crystalline energies.

Some of these are massive in size up to 50 meters in length , and radiate a golden light .  They exist primarily in higher parallel dimension, but do also bodily exist in your physical world. These are beings of golden light, and are actively involved in the energetics of your planet.  They are guardians of certain of your interdimensional gates.

There are 12 legions or  groupings of these beings on your planet. Each legion with its own hierarchy, each dedicated to a specific locale and purpose. Their life spans are quite as incredible as  their very existence in reality to you. Some of these beings live physical life spans of twenty thousand years, as you measure time. They do reproduce, and the ones on your planet in the present, were all spawned and birthed on the earth.

One legion indeed exists in Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and Mt Shasta. These have been experienced by many humans. Just as you had the experience in the Hall of Masters in the inner hologram at Mount Shasta, and did not react in fear, so do most humans of sufficient light quotient to see them, also recognize the Divine Consciousness. They exude the golden radiance of Mastery and project well being.

Dear Ones, the Cosmos is teeming with life in many variant forms, forms vastly different from your own. Yet the consciousness inside is of the same Creator, same creative divinity as your own. Do not be so fearful and narrow minded to believe that the human physical form is the only form of life. The Master geneticist of the Cosmos is the Dragons. Imagine the kundalini force that would exist in a 144 strand DNA along a spinal column 60 to 160 feet in length! Now the channel is becoming uncomfortable with this topic matter, but we tell you, Dear Ones, your ancients were quite aware of these benevolent beings, and the evidence of that is all around you. Just as evidence of your extra terrestrial origin is astonishingly apparent, humanity on the whole chooses to ignore it. Yet it is becoming somewhat more accepted. Even the Pope released an unprecedented statement a few years ago acknowledging the possibility of extra terrestrial life.

The Buddhist, the Tibetans, Hindus’, Olmecs and Mayans all acknowledged benevolent Dragons in their Cosmology. The Mayans recognized Quetzalcoatl as a benevolent feathered dragon, who brought knowledge of the Mayan calendar and attempted to stop ritual human sacrifice. Your understandings of the Mayan Cosmology are skewed at best, and much of the current supposition of Quetzalcoatl is just that. The majority of the original tablets and scrolls were destroyed by Christian missionaries. This was as great a loss as the burning of the library in Alexandria.

Tibetan Buddhism is full of references and carvings of Devine dragon beings. We tell you there has been direct communication between inner sects of Tibetan Buddhist and the benevolent dragons within the caves below Lhasa. Your indigenous societies in the Americas have had many contacts with what they termed the ‘Snake Brothers’. Pictographs and pictoglyphs of these Masters are in abudance in North, Central and South America.

Your academics have no problem recognizing undeniably that reptilian dinosaurs were in mass existence on the earth millions of years ago. Why would your ‘grounded’ metaphysicians not include the possibility that there is a fully conscious of divine intelligence that can cohabit an advanced physical form within that genetic genre. If you believe certain whales and dolphins are of supreme divine consciousness and serve an essential role in the waters of earth, then it is not such a stretch to conceive that higher consciousness can exist in any physical form. Indeed it does. And we add the caveat that we are not referring to ‘reptilian’ conspiracy and such theories around bloodlines and control of humanity. Rather are we referring to beings of Divine Consciousness who perform benevolent tasks in assisting both mankind and the planet. Beings of angelic vibration, albeit not directly of what is termed the Angelic Realm as you think of it.

Now, we will conclude on this sub-topic by clarifying and repeating, these benevolent beings exist and do indeed work with the Ascended Masters and with the benevolent extra terrestrials of the Ashtar Command and Intergalactic Brotherhood. They exude well being and love, they radiate golden light. They work with the Sirians in managing the ‘kundalini’ force of the planet, the leys, portals and such. They are not primary ‘Avatars’ in these role of teaching mankind, although some have played that role with certain civilizations, including the LeMurians, Mayan and Tibetans.

They are playing a role in the Cosmic Trigger and indeed are present in Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Mount Shasta, the Himalayas, the Karakoram, Shang Mo, Hawaii, Indonesia and Antarctica. They are present in most volcanic regions underground, and in the higher elevations of mountain ranges that possess magno-crystalline energy fields. They in fact sustain their bodies through energy fields and certain of the inner world dragons through volcanic and sulfuric gases. Thus the origin of the somewhat skewed myth that they breathe fire.  It is also why so many are congregated in areas such as the sulfur rich volcanics and geysers below Yellowstone. These subterranean beings also are in great abundance in Java, Hawaii, Alaska, Iceland , Antarctica and Peru.

The surface dragons abide in very high elevations, within ledges, coves and caves in remote placements in magno-crystalline mountain ranges. These have in fact  been sighted on rare occasions, even photographed in flight by pilots, yet these are dismissed as illusions or hoaxes, but in truth it is not important that they be recognized at this time by the masses of humanity. Rather that they not be feared. When humans reach sufficient light quotient, there is indeed on an individual scale, a recognition, and awareness of their purpose and radiance. Although many humans skew this somewhat in a delusional, yet non-malicious, interpretation of same.

While there have been groups that worship them and humans that believe they are required in some cases to assist them in dispersion of dragon eggs, this is also skewed. What some interpret as a guardianship of ‘dragon-eggs’ is more accurately a gift of acknowledgement, a gift of energetic sphere).  These radiant beings do not require human assistance, and only rarely choose direct human interaction.

They do not desire to be worshiped or to control. There are beings that are part of the Ascended Masters and Ashtar Command, and are benevolent in purpose. They have no karma, and are fully conscious and divinely intelligent. They are presently assisting the guardianship of certain portals that have been vastly opened during the great expansion of your planet into higher dimension within the Cosmic Trigger. As well as assisting in the distribution management of the expansion energies of the Trigger itself.

They are in far fewer numbers than in ancient times, and are awakening to greater role, and humankind is awakening to their benevolence and presence. This is not a requisite of the Ascension, nor is there truly a need to directly interact with them, rather it is simply a result of greater awareness as humanities light quotient and consciousness dimensionally expands.

A similar view about Dragons as angelic beings is expressed here…

The Dragon guardian beings have been re-awakened from the land. They are living Angelic beings of light with Sacred Hearts of living crystal. They have returned to bring about ‘the Last Judgement’. That is to weigh in the balance, the hearts of Humanity. To make contact with these beings brings about a purification of ones family lineage. That is these beings can travel up and down (and heal) our family line throughout time. This is analogous to the spiral dance of the double helix strands of DNA. These strands are conductors of this Spiritual force and our aim is to achieve the ‘True Human’. We were once ‘True Humans’ with all of our faculties intact. When these beings withdrew from our sphere, we degenerated away from our inherent magical abilities as our link was severed.


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